Strategic collaboration with Pfizer - developing antibodies that act on tumour-associated myeloid cells

In December 2016, BioInvent announced that it has entered into a cancer immunotherapy research collaboration and license agreement with Pfizer Inc. to develop antibodies targeting tumour-associated myeloid cells. BioInvent will leverage its expertise to identify novel oncology targets and therapeutic antibodies that inhibit cancer growth either by reversing the immunosuppressive activity of tumour-associated myeloid cells or by reducing the number of tumour-associated myeloid cells in the tumour.

Under the terms of the agreement BioInvent could be eligible for potential future development milestones in excess of $0.5 billion (assuming five antibodies are developed through to commercialisation). The Company could also receive up to double digit royalties related to product sales. In return Pfizer will have the right to develop and commercialise any antibodies generated from this agreement.

Pfizer has paid BioInvent an upfront payment of $3 million when the agreement was signed and is committed to paying $1 million in research funding during 2017. Pfizer has also made a $6 million equity investment in new shares of BioInvent when the agreement was signed.