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Jun 10-11, 2021, BIO International Convention, BIO Digital

Jun 23, 2021, Emerging Biotech Company showcase (NewYorkBio and the New York Stock Exchange)

Jun 29, 2021, LifeSci Advisors Nordic Biotech Summit

Sep 1, 2021, Pareto Healthcare Conference


Other news

CSO Björn Frendéus presents at the LSA Nordic Biotech Summit, June 29, 2021 > Link

A deeper dive into BioInvent: NewYorkBIO interviews BioInvent CEO Martin Welschof, June 19, 2021 > Link

Drug Target Review article by CSO Björn Frendéus, June 14 2021
Outlines how the growing biology surrounding the inhibitory Fc receptor FcγRIIb defines a target for improving existing and future antibody treatments. > Link

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BioInvent’s primary goal is to develop next generation immuno-oncology drugs with a focus on improving therapeutic results in areas with significant unmet need.

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BioInvent Fast Facts




BioInvent’s strategy is to leverage its expertise in immunology, cancer biology and antibody biology to develop cancer immunotherapies to improve the quality of life for cancer patients. This is accomplished through collaborations with pharmaceutical companies, academic research groups, networks of clinical specialists and research foundations. The goal is to create value for the Company’s shareholders based on successful drug development and subsequent revenue streams from existing and future commercial partners.

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Our tools for successful drug development



In an automated process, we select optimal antibodies for new drug candidates from our own antibody library – one of the largest in the world.


Our unique and patented screening-platform has the advantage of simultaneously identifying disease-associated targets and antibodies that bind to them.


Our cGMP certified manufacturing site provides antibodies for in-house project development, as well as for external customers.


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