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Nominating committee

In accordance with the resolution of the Annual General Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall consist of the Chairman of the Board as the convenor, and a representative for each of the Company's three largest shareholders as of 31 August each calendar year. The Nominating Committee shall prepare all the elections and proposals of remuneration that come into question, from the Nominating Committee has been appointed until a new Nominating Committee is appointed. The Nominating committee is tasked with preparing proposals to present to the AGM regarding the election of Chairman of the General Meeting, Chairman of the Board and other Board members, board remuneration, shared among the Chairman, other Board members and possible  compensation for committee work and, where applicable, election of auditors and auditor's fees. 

The following representatives of BioInvent International AB’s shareholders were members of the Nomination Committee for the Annual General Meeting 29 April 2021: Erik Esveld, appointed by van Herk Investments B.V., Chairman of the Nomination Committee, Vincent Ossipow, appointed by Omega Funds, LP, Jannis Kitsakis, appointed by the Fourth National Swedish Pension Fund and Leonard Kruimer, Chairman of the Board.