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Nominating committee

The following representatives of BioInvent International AB’s shareholders were members of the Nomination Committee for the Annual General Meeting 28 April 2022: Laura Feinleib, appointed by Redmile Group, LLC, Erik Esveld, appointed by van Herk Investments B.V., Vincent Ossipow, appointed by Omega Funds, LP, and Leonard Kruimer, Chairman of the Board.

Regulations for the company's nomination committee
Each year, a nomination committee shall be established consisting of the chairman of the board of directors and a representative of each one of the Company’s largest shareholders as at 31 August each year. The constitution of the nomination committee shall be announced not later than in connection with the Company’s financial report for the third calendar quarter.

The chairman of the board shall summon the committee. Within the nomination committee, a chairman shall be elected, who shall not be the chairman of the board. If a shareholder declines to participate in the nomination committee, if a representative leaves the nomination committee before the work of the committee has been completed or if a shareholder divests all or a major part of its holding and as a consequence hereof is no longer one of the larger shareholders in the Company, such shareholder’s representative shall make its position available and the position shall be offered to the largest shareholder, who has not already appointed a representative to the nomination committee. Further, where the nomination committee finds this appropriate, the nomination committee may decide to offer yet another position on the nomination committee for a new large shareholder after 31 August. The nomination committee shall not be entitled to receive any remuneration. Reasonable costs incurred in connection with the work of the nomination committee, shall be reimbursed by the Company. If the nomination committee finds it necessary, the nomination committee will, after the approval of the Company (on costs), be entitled to engage a consultant to fulfil its duties.

The tasks of the nomination committee shall be to propose to each ordinary shareholders’ meeting (i) election of a chairman of the shareholders’ meeting, (ii) election of a chairman of the board of directors and other directors, as well as their fees, divided between the chairman and the other directors and compensation for work in committees, and (iii) where relevant, election of and fees to accountants.

The nomination committee shall fulfil its tasks in accordance with applicable rules. This resolution shall apply until the shareholders’ meeting decides otherwise.