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Technology platforms

The Company’s technology platforms consist of the n-CoDeR® antibody library and the unique F.I.R.S.T™ development tool. From n-CoDeR®, a library developed by BioInvent containing fully human antibodies, drug candidates that bind specifically and firmly to their target structures can be identified. With the help of the unique, function-based F.I.R.S.T™ platform, where patient material is the foundation throughout the development process, the most clinically relevant target structures in a disease model and matching antibodies can be identified simultaneously.


F.I.R.S.T™ - a tool for effective drug development

BioInvent has developed a patented screening tool called F.I.R.S.T™, which is an important technical tool for internal drug development as well as for external development partners. The platform facilitates the development of new antibody therapies, as new drug candidates can be produced without detailed knowledge of the antibodies’ target proteins. This unique method has the advantage of simultaneously identifying disease-associated targets and antibodies that bind to them.



The method makes it possible to simultaneously investigate antibody binding to both diseased and healthy tissue in order to select those antibodies and target structures that are unique for diseased tissue in terms of binding and expression. Through functional, high-capacity screening, antibodies are then selected based on their ability to, for example, induce cell death of primary cancer cells or improve the immune system’s capacity to eliminate tumour cells. BioInvent has patents covering methods for selection and identification of antibodies binding to antigen structures in complex mixtures, such as cells, using highly diversified libraries, such as n-CoDeR®.

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n-CoDeR® - antibody library

BioInvent’s antibody library contains more than 30 billion human antibody genes stored within bacteria in test tubes. The bacteria act as production units for various antibodies, making it possible to search the library to identify precisely those antibodies that bind to a specific target protein. The n-CoDeR® library is searched using an established technology called phage display. To identify an optimal antibody, BioInvent has developed automated processes in which robots carry out the analysis on an industrial scale. The n-CoDeR® library consists of naturally occurring antibody genes. Every component comes from nature, but the combinations are largely new, making it possible to build an antibody repertoire that is greater than nature’s own variability. BioInvent calls this “evolution beyond nature.”

 Intellectual property

Patent protection is an important component of all projects. BioInvent owns and has licenses to a global patent portfolio relating to its product pipeline, including different antibodies and therapeutic uses thereof, and to the F.I.R.S.T™ technology platform. Know-how concerning products and technologies constitutes another important intellectual property asset of BioInvent. BioInvent further owns selected trademarks.